Our Detailed Review On Power Efficiency Guide

Are you tired of paying your ever-increasing electricity bills? It doesn’t matter how much you try to save the electricity, in the end, you need electric power to run the appliances. However, with the increasing electricity cost, you think you have no option except to pay your electricity bill every month.

Magnetic Power GeneratorWhat if I told you, some smart people are not paying a single dime, and also they are getting power credits for sending additional power back to the grid?

Yes, it true, and it doesn’t require too much investment as well.

No, I am not going to talk about expensive windmills or solar panels.

I am talking about setting up your magnetic power generator, as shown by Power Efficiency Guide.

The author of Power Efficiency Guide is Mark Edwards, who decided to research on different methods to cut down his electric bill and end dependency on electric companies. He created a safe and reliable energy source to power electricity-hungry home appliances.

We have decided to review this program to find out if it worth the time and money.

Here what we think about this program…

What You Get When You Purchase This Program?

Here is what we get in this program:

Power Efficiency Guide package

Main Guide – This is the main guide that contains step-by-step instructions on building your power generator. This guide contains topics such as where to get materials and how to assemble the power generator.

[Bonus] Reducing Energy Waste – This short 59-page guide talks about different ways from which you can save electricity and reduce your electricity bill from the next month.

[Bonus] Meyer Magnet Motor – This guide is for those who are interested in setting up Meyer Magnet motor. This guide covers every topic from gathering materials to using Meyer motor in your different projects.

[Bonus] Power From Smith Generator – This guide shows you an alternative energy source that is yet to become mainstream. The parts of building this power generator are really cheap and easy to find.

[Bonus] Lighting History – This is a very detailed guide that talks about the electricity history and also contains a great summary of common electric devices and how they were created and promoted to the mass audience.

What Is Power Efficiency Guide All About?

Power Efficiency Guide created by Mark Edwards for those who want to have a self-sustain electricity source and cut down their monthly electricity bill by over 30%.

spinning principleThis guide gives out a complete blueprint on building a magnetic power generator that doesn’t need any expensive equipment or maintenance. You don’t have to worry about blackout anymore and this is a self-sustaining and reliable power source.

When you purchase this program, you will get a detailed guide along with over-the-shoulder videos that will show you how you install your power source and generate clean electricity at an affordable price.

The great thing is, this magnetic power generator doesn’t need any expensive parts, and you can also get these parts easily from any hardware store.

The magnetic generator you are going to build based on advanced technology. But don’t worry it doesn’t need any advanced skill to build it. If you know how to use a screwdriver, then you are good to go.

Here are some things that you need to build this magnet generator:

  • 2 Cogwheels
  • Hard Cylinder
  • 43 Wooden Wheel

Besides these three materials, you also need some other common tools that you may already have, or you can get them cheaply from the local store. You will not be paying more than $120 for setting up this power generator.

On average, people are taking around 90 minutes to set up this power generator, and above all, it doesn’t take much space. More than 80K families are using this magnet generator in their homes to cut down their electricity bills and have their own power source to overcome any blackout.

Who Is The Creator Of Power Efficiency Guide?

Mark Edwards is the person who created the Power Efficiency Guide. He is a Tennessee-based Geography teacher.

For many years, Mark was worried about his electricity bills that keep on rising after every few months. He was researching different power sources and his goal was to find a reliable power source that doesn’t take a lot of investment and keep on generating power in any weather condition.

When his family was plunged in the darkness, due to the power outage, he decided to look for a solution fast.

After years of research, Mr. Edwards finally able to discover about Spinning Principle and how it can be used to generate electricity. After some testing, he able to set up a power generator that cost him only $106, and it generated enough power to light up his house when his neighborhood was suffering from a 4-day long blackout.

How Does It Really Work?

Power Efficiency Guide contains an easy-to-follow plan for creating a power generator that runs on a Spinning Principle that is used by electric cars to charge batteries from the wheel.

electric carsThis Spinning Principle multiplies the power generated by the magnets and after converting this power into electricity, then it can even run heavy home appliances such as refrigerator, iron, TV, air conditioner, etc.

In the beginning, you will learn to set up a small power generator to test and run a few bulbs and a fan. If it works successfully, then you can scale up by purchasing a large wheel and run your whole home on this clean electricity.

You can use this power generator to cut down your electricity bills, or you can carry it in your car trunk and supply electricity to your camp to charge your phones and other electric devices.

The Pros and Cons Of Power Efficiency Guide:

Let’s take a look at some pros

The Pros:

  • Having your own power source means no dependency on utility companies
  • Your own power source also protects you from increasing power cost, and you don’t have to pay extra electricity cost for no reason.
  • Power Efficiency Guide provides an easy-to-understand plan to set up a power generator.
  • This power generator doesn’t need expensive material, and its parts are easily available in any hardware store.
  • You only need a couple of hours to set up this power generator and save electricity costs.
  • You can set up this generator even if you don’t have any electrical engineering degree.
  • The book is available online, and you can access it even if it is 1 AM.
  • Mark has included a 60-day money-back guarantee to allow more people to test it without any risk
  • Over 80K families are already saving their electricity costs by using this source of electricity.

The Cons:

  • You will not be saving money from the right go, you need to build this power generator to save money on the electricity bills. If you are not ready to put on your efforts, then it will not be useful for you.
  • There is no option to order a hard copy.
  • Customer support is the area where Mark has to make a lot of improvements. Customer support is super-slow and they respond to questions after 2 to 3 days.

Our Final Verdict On Power Efficiency Guide:

If you are concern about your family, or if you are tired of paying increasing electricity bills every month or if you are looking for your own electricity source, then Power Efficiency Guide has a perfect solution for you.

This program contains a detailed guide with clear-cut diagrams and over-the-shoulder videos that you can use to end your dependency on utility companies.

The Power Efficiency Guide has everything that you need to build your own electricity source, and it is backed with 60 days money-back guarantee. This means you don’t have any reason for not trying it out.

Try Power Efficiency Guide And Slash Electricity Bill By 30%!












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