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Check Out My Results Of Free Energy Magnetic Generator Test

Hello everyone, I am Paul

If you are considering creating a magnetic generator to power your home for free,

I am glad you found my website.

In this website, you will find out about my in-depth on 30 electric systems.

My research will be going to save you money and time.

And gives you resources to build a complete portable electric generator.

But before that, let me give you a little intro about me,

This will give you an idea of why you should consider having an alternative energy source to power your all home appliances.

Who Am I?

I am teaching “Clean Energy Innovation” at Georgetown University for 8 years, and I also served on Stanford University’s energy and environment board.

I hold a Ph.D. in matter physics from Cambridge University. And also advised many companies on their energy policies especially how they can reduce energy consumption.

I have also worked as Energy auditor, consultant, renewable energy installer, and electric car converter.

Since 5 years, I am helping many companies and universities in setting up solar energy and wind power systems to reduce their operating cost

And most importantly, invest their contribution towards reducing greenhouse gas, especially carbon dioxide (CO2)

But, Here The Problem

Free Electricity GuideNot everyone can pay big bucks to hire an expert.


If you look on the internet for “Free Electricity Generator” then you may get overwhelmed with the information and programs available.

The big problem is, it is difficult for a person without any degree to know which solution works best.

So I decided to strip down 30 of the most popular ‘free electricity’ systems to find which one works best.

After testing different free electricity systems

Here’s What I Found

Some of these ‘free electricity’ systems were unable to meet even the basic criteria, and some of these systems were just copy and paste work of old programs.

Magnetic Generator

And some of these systems were suggesting tools and materials that were costing me over $200

Out of 30 system I tested, only 5 were meeting my basic criteria and were feasible for an average individual (without any degree) to use them.

Two solution stands top out of these 5 in providing clear and to-the-point ways on powering home with free electricity systems.

I liked these programs because the tools and materials they recommend are easily available at minimal cost and I already had them.

Interestingly, both these programs were suggesting similar electromagnet magnetic generator technology to do so. [Read: Permanent Magnet Vs Electromagnet]

These two systems: ‘Power Efficiency Guide’ and ‘Easy Power Plan’ worked so well that I was able to generate enough electricity from a magnetic generator to power my home.

I have to agree; I am impressed with the results so far!

So, Here’s My Review On Both These Products

Power Efficiency Guide Easy Power Plan
Power Efficiency Guide

Let’s start with my favorite “Power Efficiency Guide” in which the author has used secure methods for creating electricity from magnets.

After watching the video presentation, I was impressed with the information shared in it. An average person can make his own magnetic generator using methods provided by the author in this guide.

I heard about some good things about it, and when I reached to the members’ area I realize why. This is a complete program that contains step-by-step guidelines, diagrams, and videos on methods that I’ve been using since a few years.

All the steps are clearly mentioned that make it easy for the user to make his own magnetic generator. There are nine videos in which the author himself create this generator and test it by powering six big yellow bulbs.

It took me two days to generate a magnetic generator. I made a medium-sized generator, but you can easily scale it to generate enough electricity for your home.

I can’t reveal everything about it, but I can say it works! Although the results were not near what the author claims, there were 85% of what the author claim.

The eBook is currently available on a sale. It is the best time to get your copy. By using the information provided inside this guide you can start saving money on your electricity bill. The author has also provided information about materials that are required for building this magnetic generator technology.

Overall, The Power Efficiency Guide is the best program out of the five programs I tried. You can further check out my conclusion.


full review

Easy Power Plan

When I reached its sale page, I thought to myself, “Here we go, yet another so-called energy guru putting unrealistic claims.” I usually don’t try such programs and never look them again.However, the whole idea of this research was to find the best ‘free electric energy’ programs so I purchased it.

When I reached the members’ area, my initial opinion was impressive. I got a good training manual containing proper steps and diagrams. And I also verify the information about getting the tools for this magnetic generator and it was correct as well.

I know it is difficult for an average person to get these materials cheaply for creating this magnetic generator. That’s why this information is crucial to get started.

I immediately started working on creating electricity generator with the instruction provided inside this program.

One thing that confused me was, the placement of magnets were different than I expect them to be.

However, I proceed against my logic because the idea was to test the system as an average person will do.

The Results?

So-So! There were nowhere near what the author is claiming on the sale page, and it produces 50% less electricity than what I achieved with Power Efficiency Guide.

Later I decided to change the placements of the magnets according to my knowledge.

When I did it worked like a charm, and overall energy production increased by 40%.

Easy Power Plan magnetic generator does work, but you should read my conclusion before deciding which way to go.


full review


The Conclusion:

Free Electricity GeneratorAfter testing and analyzing carefully, I have to say,

Power Efficiency Guide is the best choice for creating a magnetic generator for your home.

Don’t get me wrong; Easy Power Plan does work! But I only recommend it to those people who either have a degree in electrical engineering or they can get help from an electrical engineer who can spot the magnets placement mistake.

All in all, if you want to generate electricity at home and reduce your monthly electricity bill then… Check Out The Power Efficiency Guide to make your magnetic generator.

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