My Easy Power Plan Review – Can It Cut Down Electricity Charges By 75%?

Have you ever thought what will happen if your area gets extended power outage? What are your plans to tackle such situation? Or did you ever wonder if it is possible to reduce your monthly electricity bill?

If these questions making you think about an alternative or backup energy source, then don’t worry because Easy Power Plan has a solution for your concern.

Who Will Able To Take Maximum Benefit From It?

Easy Power Plan is for anyone who wants to make a ‘mini power plant’ without spending thousands of dollars on its setup and then on its maintenance.

magnetic generatorPeople can use this power plan to setup a power generator inside their home or in their office. This electricity generator works silently and keeps reducing electricity bill month after month.

Also, people don’t have to wait for years to cover up their investment from this electricity generator. Within just a few months, they able to cover their investment and after then they will get FREE, yes FREE electricity.

Business owners can also utilize this power generator to reduce financial stress on their companies as electricity charges take a major part in the expenses column.

Campers can also take benefit from this power generator as it is lightweight and portable. They can carry in their car and power up their cabins or camps with the help of this generator.

So, if this power plan starts gaining your focus then let’s find out what exactly it is all about.

What Is Easy Power Plan?

Ryan Taylor created Easy Power Plan for those people who want to end their dependency on electric supply company. However, people who are campers, business owners, or landlords can also take benefit from this plan to cut down their electricity charges.

Easy Power PlanRyan has provided everything you need to create this mini power plant – list of tools, theory, blueprints, diagrams, videos, everything is available in this program that you can use and make your own electricity generator.

Ryan claims that this energy generator can slash electricity bill by up to 75% — which I feel is little questionable. Maybe he is trying to give an example of the best scenario. However, some of my readers reported they are getting 30-55% less electricity charges after setting up this energy generator.

This energy generator is not too difficult to set up. In fact, you don’t need any engineering degree to set this up. If you are able to handle screwdriver and ready to follow instructions you are good to go with this program.

You are able to create this power generator in just 50 minutes. And its maintenance doesn’t take much time. Ryan has also provided guidelines on how to maintain it, so there is no guesswork for you.

How Does Easy Power Plan Work?

Easy Power Plan provides you with a blueprint for setting up a power generator that runs on a constant imbalance of magnetic forces between rotor and stator.

You don’t need to have a large space for this generator, and you can also put it into your balcony, and it will continue saving money for you.

This is a ‘mini’ power plant so don’t expect to run multiple energy-hungry electronic devices on it. This will able to cover 40% of the electricity. Of course, you can set up more generator like these if you want.

You can build this power generator in under $300. You are able to make this generator without any professional help, but if you can have any helping hand, then it would be helpful.

Why Easy Power Plan Is An Excellent Choice?

First of all, IT WORKS. More than 50,000 people have set up this power generator in their homes and they are saving money on their electricity bills every month. This program launched recently and it is collecting positive feedback very quickly. This power plan is one of the popular choices for those who want to set up their own generator.

spinning principlesSecondly, it saves money. Many families are doing their best to cut their monthly expense and saving money on their electricity bills is their top priority. More importantly, its set up and maintenance cost is much cheaper than solar panels and wind turbines.

This plan teaches ROTATING PRINCIPLE that is currently used in electric cars to charge batteries. With just $300 you can create this generator and start saving money on your monthly electricity bill.

This electric generator makes eco-friendly electricity because it doesn’t burn any fuel. This is a small contribution to reducing greenhouse gases.

You want to know its best benefit? It’s Portable. Campers can take this electric generator with them. This can also come handy in an emergency situation when you have to leave your home and move to another place.

Final Verdict:

The demand for renewable energy sources is increasing rapidly due to unpredictable electricity bills. Many experts came forward to offer their solution to overcome this problem. Some solution does genuinely help in cutting electricity charges while others don’t.

After testing this plan myself, I feel everyone should make an investment in making this electricity generator – because its setup cost is low and you can expect to get your investment back within a few months. And after that, you can continue enjoying FREE ELECTRICITY.

Just like anything, this power plan is not perfect. There are some questions about the credibility of the author and about its claims of slashing bill by 75%.

If you believe you can cut down your electricity charges by 100% or you can run multiple energy-hungry electronic devices on this power generator, then you are mistaken.

However, if you believe you are able to reduce your monthly electricity charges and able to use this generator as a backup source, then you are right. This is what this generator is capable of!

Don’t forget you have a 60-day money-back guarantee and I feel these 60 days are enough to find out if this generator is working for you or not.

So, that was all from this Easy Power Plan review. Hopefully, I have provided you with enough information to help you make a correct buying decision. I feel this is an awesome plan, what you think? Do let us know.



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